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‘Forgotten British Heroes’ event: St Martin-in-the-Field

This commemoration will almost certainly become a regular yearly event. In most cultures, the memories of deceased heroic figures are usually cherished and remembered with various tributes. Most British military campaigns are remembered – but there is one noteworthy exception: the presence of the British in the Palestine mandate 1944 – 1948, who faced murderous terrorist acts by Zionists of the Lehi and the Irgun.

Ex-military personnel from this campaign are not even allowed to take their place among all the other units of the British armed services to lay their wreaths at the Whitehall Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

For some reason, the names of the many victims of terrorist campaigns in Palestine, just after WW II, have been allowed to fade into the past, but people are becoming aware of exactly why, and what is behind this apparent attempt to erase demonstrable historical facts.

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St Martin-in-the-Field


Peter Rushton

Organisers of the ‘Forgotten British Heroes’ campaign laid a wreath at St Martin-in-the-fields, Trafalgar Square. Speeches followed later that afternoon. Here, renowned historian Peter Rushton details the situation facing the British government as custodians of the Palestinian people, and the threats they faced from Zionist terror organisations.


Lady Michèle Renouf

Former British Army personnel who served in Palestine during the period from 1944 – 1948 give their first hand accounts of the dangerous situation at that time. Michèle Renouf was so astounded by their eye witness accounts of Zionist terror organisations, she made a film of their exploits, which has been shown to Parliamentarians in Westminster. This video shows excerpts from her film: Palestine Scrapbook, the loss, firstly by stealth then later by sheer brute force, of Palestinian territory.

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