Mission Statement

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

The Forgotten British Heroes Campaign was established to honour the sacrifices of all British service personnel in all eras and in all theatres of war and other emergencies – especially in cases where the memory of those sacrifices is being deliberately obliterated to suit the political convenience of contemporary governments.

Time and again the sacrifice of British servicemen and women is abused as a propaganda tool by our nation’s rulers. Our young people put their lives on the line but are then forgotten – written out of history – if any particular war or conflict becomes politically embarrassing. Yesterday’s brutal terrorists are welcomed as today’s political allies, without the slightest concern for truth, justice, and remembrance. Our campaign was founded to remedy these injustices.

We have commenced our efforts by giving attention to the atrocities perpetrated during the late 1940s against our servicemen and women, other Crown servants and their families by Jewish criminals acting on behalf of Zionist terrorist groups: the Irgun, the Lehi (a.k.a. ‘the Stern Gang’) and the Haganah.

Britain had been give the mandate to manage Palestine after the WW1. Before the WW2 had ended Jewish gangsters were slaughtering British soldiers and their families and bombing their buildings — not only in Middle East, but in England also — in order to drive Britain out of Palestine so as to seize that land and create the state of Israel on the rubble of Palestinians’ homes.

During that period 784 members of Britain’s armed forces lost their lives in Palestine. Their courage was to be unacknowledged; their medals unawarded; their numbers unpublished; their memorial unbuilt.

The Campaign was particularly drawn to recollecting the “forgotten heroes” of Palestine because some of the Jewish terrorists who perpetrated wicked crimes are still alive and are available for arrest. So far, our appeals for justice have fallen on deaf ears. Scotland Yard told us in May 2016 that it is “too busy” to pursue one Lehi terrorist, now living openly in Paris.

The Campaign was founded in 2015 by Martin Webster. Serving with him on the Campaign committee are: Tony Avery; Paul Ballard; Richard Edmonds; John Helm; Kevin Layzell; Lady Michèle Renouf; Peter Rushton; and Jeremy Turner.

The Campaign is independent of all party-political groups.

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